Color Animals

There are a variety of animals to color in I Love My Whole Black Biracial Family, including cats, dogs, a squirrel and horses! Two individual cats: Ogun Kitty and Jeorddi Cat, that readers first met in My Brother Santa, are back in this coloring book. Color a cat playing nearby their favorite human and a cat being awesome all by their cat self. Onyx the dog is back as well! Color Onyx as they join the African American character of Great Granddaddy on video chats with his Biracial great grandson, and one scene with (also African American character of) Great Grandmama, too. There’s even a coloring page just of Onyx the dog playing with other cute doggies! Throughout this coloring book, animals appear on different coloring book pages. One such design portrays a Black Child in the suburbs pointing out a squirrel. The beautifully drawn squirrel offers the uncommon opportunity of a comparatively realistic squirrel on a coloring book page. There are even two individual horses on coloring pages within I Love My Whole Black Biracial Family. Each horse is included on both a close up and full size page, for a total of 4 coloring pages including a horse. Magical Mythical creatures you can find only in your own imagination are also in this coloring book, with multiple pages of Knights riding Pegasuses just awaiting color to complete each beautiful page.

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