Color Neighborhoods

The locations chosen for the settings in this coloring book were often inspired by real places. Specific attention was given to portraying Black Folk in all walks of life, in all types of regions, reflecting the diversity of the Black Community. For instance, I Love My Whole Black Biracial Family includes coloring page scenes depicting Black Family in the Pullman Neighborhood of Chicago, an Interracial Family in the the Hyde Park Neighborhood of Chicago, Black Children in the the suburb of Glen Ellyn, Illinois and two individual coloring book pages a piece (close up and far away) of a Black Cowboy and a Black Cowgirl on the range in locations inspired by the area surrounding the rural town of Hopkins Park in the historic Black Farming Community of Pembroke Township in Illinois. That’s just the beginning: this coloring book is full of positive scenes set in a variety of new and interesting locations.

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